About Me

Amber and dogsHey guys, I’m Amber, and these are my 2 partners-in-crime, Rowdy and Roxy. Together on this journey of life, we’ve experienced a lot, and they’ve helped teach me many things, most of which I will share with you in this blog! Rowdy helped introduce me to the world of eating plant based, in which I have become a well-skilled, self-taught chef, and have a web cooking show that launched this year called “Cooking for What?”- keep an eye out for some fun and easy recipes.

I call myself a “Freelance Hustler” as I am trained as an on-camera actor, voice over actor, model, photographer, hair and makeup artist, producer, director, editor, graphic designer, and filmmaker. I like to try everything it seems, and am looking forward to sharing lots of insider info to help you if you are looking to try any of these professions.

Since I have my hand in a fair share, as well as being a woman in her 30’s, experiencing the highs and lows of life in all areas, I’m excited to share all of the things I’ve tried and learned, and if it’s something that I’m not an expert in, I will be bringing on guest writers to tackle it! Let’s learn and grow together!