Ass, gas or grass, nobody rides for free…

Did you know that we as humans think 50,000-70,000 thoughts in a day? Say what?! Crazy enough, it’s true and about 70% of them are negative thoughts. Wait a second, why the hell are we thinking so many negative thoughts, considering the probability of each of us being born is 1 in 400 trillion! Uh…maaaaaaaybe it’s time to start making small changes in our thought patters, and in our life, because, let’s face it, we are freaking miracles with those odds, and somehow we did it, we are here.  This is the time, time to smile more, laugh more, realize how awesome we are, and start enjoying life just a little bit more, and basically live like the damn miracle we are. (Side note, I wonder how many of those thoughts, are “dirty” thoughts, because I swear the brain of a boy takes mine over sometimes…c’mon I can’t be the only one!)

Ok, so how do we do that? First things first, to break the negative thought pattern, we need to start making changes, even itty bitty teeny ones, because how do you expect your life to change if you keep doing the same thing? It won’t. Simple as that. Here is your homework: see how can you change up your routine today… Perhaps you can wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning, and before getting out of bed, say 5 things you are grateful for. Maybe it’s putting away your phone and not checking social media on your break, and instead researching something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and find out how you can start. Change your thoughts to change your life. I challenge you to try it out, it’s wild when you start seeing what happens. Speaking of that, I can help you start your 1st new change to your life!

Join me on this journey as we learn and grow together one blog post at a time. For instance, have you ever wondered if you are the only one who’s had “That” experience in the bedroom, when your eyes got wide and you thought to yourself “What the fuck is he/she doing?! Buuuuut I kinda like it”…or wondered about ways to build your confidence, DIY life-hacks, alternative medicine & treating dogs with cancer, how to “up-cycle” fashion, relationships and dating in 2017, what to pack in your actor/model bag, spiritual enlightenment, makeup how-to, men’s brains vs. women’s brains….these are just SOME of the fun things this blog will tackle, so if you are curious about any of these things, then join me and let’s get a conversation started. I also want to hear what you wonder about and what you want to talk about, so please leave comments or contact me with your ideas. Subscribe so you can get the latest information right away. I’m super excited for you to give this a try and play around with any small change you make today, and see the ripple effect of all the amazing new things that you can have in your life. Let’s do it!