You give your dog human breastmilk for his cancer? Yep, and it’s working…

The reason you remember certain moments in your life SO clearly, is because they are tied to the emotion you felt during that moment. Well the emotion I felt when the doctor at the University of Minnesota told me my little guy had cancer, is one I will never be able to forget. You think it’s only in movies or books when they say “Her knees buckled beneath her, and she couldn’t stand up from receiving the news”, but I promise you, it does happen in real life when you realize the being you love the most in this world, is going to get taken from you sooner than you expected. Ok, now that’s all the sad that I’m choosing to write in this post, because the choice of positivity and not giving up, is what I choose, and it’s what has gotten me, and my boy, Rowdy past the doctors diagnosis of 6 months max to live, to today, at 1 year and almost ten months!! I want to share with all of you so you can help your own dog/animal/human or share with a friend to help their loved one. Information is power. Information can save lives.

Let me start off giving my waiver…I am not a doctor. These are my personal findings and research, however, the doctors at the University of Minnesota are aware of each of my alternative medicine methods, and gave a green light to administer all of them. That being said, I’ll be giving you information as well as links to confirm these facts, but I always suggest to do your own research as well, as each case is different as well as each disease, and each dog/animal/human. Feel free to scroll to the photo below for the meds and information if you want to bypass the info on Rowdy’s type of cancer.

Rowdy is a 9 year old boxer who was diagnosed at 8 years old with a rare anal sac tumor which had metastasized into his organs and was blocking most of his colon. A huge surgery and blood transfusion was given, and once healed he started a weeks worth of daily radiation at the U of Madison and then following 6 chemo series within 6 months. Once I found out about the cancer, I started researching online to see what else I could try to help shrink the tumors and keep his immune system boosted. I reached out on social media asking anyone for ideas. One acquaintance reached out saying her friend gave their small dog some of her own breastmilk and it helped cure his cancer (I’m unsure of the type and severity of the cancer that dog had) so I started researching breast milk. We all know how powerful it is for babies with growing their immune system and health, so I knew this was a good start. Sweden has been doing studies on breastmilk for a while now and has come up with some amazing research. They call the thing IN the breastmilk “HAMLET” and explain what it does and how it shrinks and destroys certain types of cancers in animals and humans. I again reached out on Fb and moms from all over donated their life saving milk for Rowdy. I give him about 6oz everyday in his food (He is about 68lbs). I’d love to give more but I only have a certain amount of milk to use.

From there on, I read and I read about many different types of supplements and herbs that help keep tumors at bay and help immune system. Below are pictures and descriptions of each thing I give to Rowdy everyday and links if applicable. Hope this helps your little one or share the info to help someone else. Rowdy is my world, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. A dogs love is unconditional, and so is a mothers.
















Turmeric Supreme w/black pepper –  Turmeric’s active ingredient is an extracted compound called curcumin. Studies have shown that curcumin helps prevent several forms of cancer including breast, lung, stomach, liver, and colon because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It stops the development of cancer by interfering with the cellular signaling aspects of the chronic disease.

CAS Options – CAS Options provides a nutritionally concentrated synergistic blend of Reishi‚ Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms‚ which are well researched and have been shown in numerous studies to be potent immune enhancers. The proteoglycans and polysaccharides from mushrooms have been shown to nutritionally assist the immune system‚ reduce inflammation and can stimulate natural killer (NK) and T-helper cell activity.

Green Min – Dietary deficiencies are a primary cause of chronic disease and premature aging. Intensive agriculture practices have depleted soils of minerals and other nutrients, which affects the entire food chain including your animal friend.

Breast Milk – A protein in human milk can cause cancerous cells to “self-destruct,” the FDA said. That unique characteristic of the protein could potentially help battle cancer in adults, some doctors say.

Frankincense & Copaiba Essential oils – New research, like the University of Leicester study, has recently suggested that frankincense’s disease-targeting power may be even more encompassing than previously suspected.

Healthy Essential Probiotic – Probiotics in the GI tract help to reinforce the barrier function of the intestinal lining, lowering the chance of bacteria in the intestines entering into the blood stream. This function may decrease infections and immune related reactions, thus supporting the health of the immune system.

Fish Oil Omega-3 – Fish oil is readily absorbed as a dietary supplement. After one week of supplementation, increases in omega-3 fatty acids are detectable in the tissues. … In pets with some types of cancer, fish oil appears to slow down the growth of the cancer.

Astragalus root – Chinese studies show that astragalus improves the quality of life and the overall immunity of cancer patients undergoing chemo. The roots of the astragalus plant are thought to stimulate the production of interferon. Interferon is an essential chemical that induces the proper functioning of the immune system. Interferon is also effective in fighting cell mutation and cancer development.

If you have any cancer/tumor alternative meds you’ve tried, please share in the comments!